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Why ERX Stands Out in Charlotte for Cleanup Services

With a seasoned team at the helm, we ensure each cleanup task is executed with precision and care, reflecting our extensive experience. 

Our investment in the latest cleanup technologies translates to efficient and effective service delivery. 

ERX’s broad spectrum of services caters to diverse needs, from residential biohazard situations to industrial-scale cleanups.

At the heart of our services is a compassionate approach, recognizing the human aspect of our work and providing support and discretion to our clients. 

General Overview Cleanup, Trauma, & Hoarding

Following events that leave a deep impact, such as crime scenes, unattended demises, or hazardous material incidents, the journey to recovery is as much emotional as it is physical. Emergency Restoration Xperts (ERX) in Charlotte, North Carolina, is committed to offering empathetic and exhaustive cleanup services during these taxing periods. Our skilled technicians, armed with cutting-edge tools and streamlined methodologies, guarantee a respectful, thorough, and efficient restoration of your property to its condition before the incident. 

In Charlotte, when faced with the daunting task of cleanup after traumatic incidents, turn to Emergency Restoration Xperts (ERX) for a service that’s not only thorough but also mindful of your journey to recovery. We’re here to help restore your property, offering peace of mind and allowing you to focus on moving forward. If you’re in need of professional cleanup services, reach out to ERX – your partner in restoration and healing. 


Our Array of Specialized Cleanup Services

ERX in Charlotte provides an extensive suite of specialized cleanup services, catering to scenarios that demand not just technical skill but also a profound understanding of the emotional weight they carry. Our offerings include: 

Unattended Death Cleanup

We address unattended death cleanups with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism, ensuring comprehensive sanitization and the safe disposal of biological materials. 

Crime Scene Cleanup/Trauma

Skilled in navigating the intricacies of crime scene cleanups, our team operates meticulously to reinstate the area, always mindful of the investigative processes and the emotional states of those affected.

Homicide & Suicide Cleanup

Following such poignant incidents, ERX provides discreet, respectful cleanup services, prioritizing the mental well-being of our clients while thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the impacted spaces.

Commercial & Industrial Cleanup

Our capabilities extend to significant cleanup operations within commercial and industrial environments, enabling businesses to resume operations promptly. 

Infectious Disease & Superbug Cleanup

Utilizing advanced methods and technologies, we effectively cleanse areas impacted by infectious diseases or superbugs, curtailing further spread. 

COVID-19 Cleanup

Aligned with CDC recommendations, ERX offers dedicated cleanup services for COVID-19, ensuring environments are safe and secure for all occupants.

Blood Cleanup

Adhering to strict biohazard protocols, our team ensures complete removal and sanitation of blood, mitigating any associated health risks. 

Biohazard Cleanup

ERX tackles various biohazard scenarios, from chemical spills to sewage overflows, prioritizing environmental and personal safety. 

Hoarding Cleanup

Understanding hoarding’s complex psychological dimensions, we provide empathetic cleanup services to declutter and sanitize properties affected by hoarding. 

Decomposition & Odor Cleanup

Our services also tackle decomposition and persistent odors, employing advanced techniques to restore cleanliness and freshness.

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Family owned and locally operated since 2013, our team of Xperts has dedicated themselves to a passion for excellence that drives everything we do.

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