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Roofing Repair

We are equipped to handle roofing repair of both a minor and major nature.

Roofing Repair

After a storm, fire, or other disaster, your home can be in extreme danger if there is a roofing issue that goes unresolved. That is why here at Emergency Restoration Xperts (ERX), one of the services we offer is roofing repair. Whether your home has sustained minor damage that is causing a leak or there has been severe structural damage, such as from a downed tree, we are equipped to get your home protected from the elements again and make your home safe to re-enter.

Why Is A Roof Tune-Up Important?


We recommend calling us after any severe weather, so that we can inspect your home’s roofing thoroughly. Not all damage can be seen from the ground, and it is safer to have us go up on a ladder than it is to do yourself. We carry liability insurance, and our team is well-trained on safety protocols to avoid accidents and injuries. Even minor damage is cause for concern when it is allowing water to get inside your home. The resulting water damage and potential for mold are consequences that are best avoided. The cost for roofing repair is far less than dealing with more extensive issues, because there was a delay that resulted in added repairs being needed.

Along with our roofing repair services, we deal with any other issues that may have resulted, including dehumidification & drying, mold remediation, construction & repairs, and contents restoration. We work with all major insurance companies, so you can be confident your best interests will be considered throughout your roofing repair project.

If you have any questions about our roofing repair services or any of our restoration services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Roofing Repair in Charlotte, NC