Risk Prevention, Hickory, NC

When disaster strikes, call us right away to help protect your home.

Have you had a major storm or other significant event like a fire at your home or business in Hickory, North Carolina? You may be wondering if it is safe for you to reenter the structure. You may be worrying about secondary damage like water damage or fungal growth. Whatever the situation, you can call on us at Emergency Restoration Xperts (ERX) and discuss risk prevention strategies. We can assess the situation and risks of your unique situation and then help you protect your home and contain the damage as much as possible.

Risk Prevention in Charlotte, North Carolina

One of the first steps of risk prevention that should always be completed is to check in with emergency response personnel about the status of your property. They will be able to tell you when or if it is safe to reenter the premises. Time is of the essence in these situations to limit damages, but at the same time, your safety is the most important element of any scenario, and risk prevention is key to limit dangers. We can provide a quick assessment of the status of your property and then take care of any boarding up or tarping that needs to be done to reduce further damage.

We can also work quickly to start the dehumidification and drying process, as well as work on removing and restoring the contents of your property as much as possible. The risks you face will depend on your unique situation, but we can help with risk prevention for a wide variety of risks, including bacteria contamination, allergic reactions to mold or other contaminants, as well as addressing unstable or dangerous environmental risks.

Risk Prevention
Risk Prevention in Charlotte, NC