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Frozen Pipes

Contact us if frozen pipes are causing issues at your home.

When you live in an area where the temperatures drop below freezing, something you need to be aware of is the risk of frozen pipes. As water flows through the pipes in a home on a regular basis, that water can freeze when it gets especially cold outside. Since many pipes are located behind or near exterior walls, the risk is present, and frozen pipes can cause a lot of damage. Some of the signs of this issue include a lack of water flowing through your faucets, an unpleasant odor in your sinks, or a buildup of frost on visible pipes.

Frozen Pipes

If you notice any of these signs at your home, contact the team at Emergency Restoration Xperts (ERX). We’ll send a technician to figure out whether you are experiencing frozen pipes and come up with a plan to resolve the issue. The main concern that comes with a frozen pipe is the risk of it bursting, which can happen as the water expands and exceeds the diameter of the pipe. If this happens, you’ll end up with a flood in your home and have to deal with the aftermath. Luckily, cleaning up flood damage is one of our areas of expertise at ERX, so we can certainly handle this process for you.

Water damage spreads quickly and causes a number of problems. We understand the concern that comes with frozen pipes and the ensuing damage, which is why we’re available for emergency service 24/7. Contact us if frozen pipes are causing issues at your home.