House Fire

Restore the damage from a fire at your home with our help.

A house fire is a traumatic event that takes time to recover from. After a house fire, restoring the damaged structure and removing smoke are complex tasks you should leave to a professional restoration company. Choose Emergency Restoration Xperts (ERX) to stop the progressive effects of a house fire and prevent additional damage caused by water and smoke. Our team is committed to training and organization when it comes to the restorative actions needed following a fire, and we provide process-driven restoration services that effectively restore your property. We take the time to understand your needs after a house fire and deliver results that help you get your home or business back to normal.

House Fire

One of the reasons a house fire is so devastating is because it can cause a comprehensive spectrum of damage. The flames, heat, smoke, and water can all wreak havoc on your personal belongings as well as your home’s structure. For example, while the smoke may leave residue all over your walls that is hard to clean, the water from putting out the fire can seriously damage your carpeting and drywall, which in some cases can also lead to mold damage.

What Our Process Entails

Our process for restoring properties after a house fire includes the following steps:

  • When feasible, we clean, repair, and refinish certain property contents.
  • We carefully and securely pack out remaining contents to give the restoration contractor clear access to do repairs.
  • We evaluate the loss and determine what the project entails.
  • We enlist our crews to clean up the damage and restore your property.

This general process encompasses the entire restoration process for anything that can happen following a house fire. We can extract the water from firefighting efforts, fully dry out your property, and institute mold mitigation measures if needed. We can also remove the residue from soak and soot, eliminating the pervasive smoke smell that may have damaged your home and belongings. Part of this process may include carpet and reupholstery cleaning, contents restoration, and odor control.

On top of this, we can complete any repairs needed to return your home back to its pre-fire state. We maintain a team with nearly any type of craftsmen you can think of, and every member offers a unique skillset that contributes to our comprehensive fire damage restoration approach. When it comes down to it, we are your first and only point of contact for all things restoration and cleanup following a damaging house fire.

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A house fire can be devastating, but we are passionate about serving your home or business to make the restoration process less stressful. Please reach out to discuss our house fire restoration process and what makes us unique as a restoration company.

House Fire in Charlotte, NC