Fire Damage Mitigation

Restore your home after a fire.

A house fire can be a traumatic event. Depending on the extent of the fire, you may not be able to live in your home at this time, or you may only be able to use parts of it. Fire damage mitigation is a complex process, and you want to make sure it’s done right to ensure you’re able to live in your home like normal as soon as possible. This is why you should call our professionals at Emergency Restoration Xperts (ERX) for help with the fire damage mitigation process.

Fire Damage Mitigation

Even after firefighters get the fire to go out, danger lingers. Hazardous chemicals and odors may be released, smoke and ash can corrode surfaces, and your home’s structural integrity may be compromised. Firefighting efforts may also have resulted in significant water damage.

Our fire damage mitigation team wants to get you back in your home as soon as possible. Before mitigation even begins, we’ll secure and reinforce your house by shoring up the structure, covering holes, and boarding windows. We’ll then fully inspect your home and determine the right approach for fire damage mitigation. We can also help you navigate filing an insurance claim, working closely with your provider to ensure that your claim gets processed quickly.

We want to make your home feel normal again, and we can do all the restoration and repair work to make this happen. If you need help after a house fire, don’t hesitate to reach out – contact us to get our restoration professionals on the job.