Being prepared for an urgent situation can make the difference between a stressful disaster and a situation handled well. Our emergency response guide can help you prepare for an emergency.

Emergency Response Guide

Fill out the form below, and our team at Emergency Restoration Xperts (ERX) will send you a free emergency response guide to help you prepare for an emergency and make sure your family stays stress-free. We suggest keeping it in a convenient place where you can see it, like on your fridge or freezer, your bulletin board, or near your front door.


Unlike some emergency response companies, we own our disaster response equipment, allowing us to respond more quickly. Our staff is trained and licensed for the tasks at hand in all southeastern states. This means our customers avoid delays in disaster response time due to subcontractor, labor, or equipment shortages. We provide 24/7 response across North and South Carolina. We will be on-site fast when you need us.