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Get Your Home’s Roof Ready for Storm Season with Regular Roofing Maintenance

Big storms are your roof’s worst enemy! Get your home’s roof ready for storm season by scheduling a roof tune-up today.

Why Is A Roof Tune-Up Important?

What happens during a roof tune-up?  We seal all exposed fasteners, repair all nail pops, seal your gas stacks and flashing, replace up to five damaged shingles, and put new repair collars on all pipe boots. This service also includes a comprehensive roof report that covers the condition of your roof, a ventilation analysis, your roof’s expected remaining lifespan, and an honest estimate of any needed repairs.

We strongly recommend a yearly roof inspection before winter weather hits. Knowing what’s going on with your roof and prepping it for tough winter storms can reduce emergency repairs, extend your roof’s lifespan, and save you money on preventable problems.

A yearly roof tune-up goes a long way! Schedule yours with our team at Emergency Restoration Xperts (ERX) today.