Risk Prevention: How to Prevent Water & Fire Damage

Risk Prevention: How to Prevent Water & Fire Damage

Dealing with a disaster can be exhausting and mentally draining, especially if you’re displaced from your home for any period of time. Taking risk prevention seriously, although it cannot always keep a disaster from happening, can help you minimize the chances of a house fire or a flood. Here are our top risk prevention tips for fires and water damage.

Preventing a House Fire

To prevent a house fire, install smoke detectors throughout your home. Make sure they are working and that you replace the batteries in them regularly. You should also keep a fire extinguisher somewhere in your home, never leave lit candles unattended, and unplug any appliances you aren’t using.

Preventing Water Damage

To keep your home from incurring water damage, take care of plumbing repairs and fix leaks promptly. You should also keep your gutters and downspouts free from debris and buildup, know where your water main is and how to turn it off, pay special attention to the state of your appliances, especially your washing machine, and install water detection devices.

We realize that even with the most diligent risk prevention actions, you could still end up with fire or water damage at some point. When this happens, call us at Emergency Restoration Xperts (ERX) right away. We’ll stop the damage from spreading, clean up the affected area, and move forward with the repair process.