Month: August 2022

Flood Damage: What Should You Do After Your House Floods?

Flood Damage: What Should You Do After Your House Floods?

It’s hard to know exactly what to do in a disaster, so when your house floods, you may not know exactly how to proceed to protect your home and your safety. Flood damage can cause serious damage quickly, so it’s important to know exactly what to do during this type of disaster. First and foremost, take these three steps during a flood:

1. Stop the water from flowing into your home, if possible. In many cases, this involves shutting off the water to your home.

2. If you can do so without stepping in any water, turn off your home’s electricity.

3. Do not try to remove the water or dry out your belongings. Evacuate your home and call us for help.

After the flood damage occurs and we’re on our way to start the remediation process, contact your home insurance agent. They can help you start the claims process and receive financial assistance to cover the repairs.

Once our team arrives to mitigate the effects of the flood damage, we won’t waste any time. Our goal is to prevent any further damage to your home, so we’ll remove the water and start drying the affected area. We’ll also try to salvage as many of your personal belongings as we can.

Whether due to Mother Nature or flooding from inside your home, flood damage can ruin parts of your home and increase the likelihood of mold damage. We’re here to help from beginning to end, making sure we fully restore your home, so you can go back to life as normal.