Month: June 2022

A Quick Look at All of Our Restoration Services [infographic]

No restoration job is beyond our capabilities because of the extensive list of restoration services we provide. Here is a closer look at all of our restoration services and what they entail. And remember, when you need restoration work done, call us right away at Emergency Restoration Xperts (ERX)! 

• Construction & repairs—After the restoration process is over, we can complete a full rebuild of the affected area, returning the space to like-new condition.

• Contents restoration—Were your belongings damaged in a fire or ruined by water? We can help you minimize your loss by restoring the contents of your home.

• Dehumidification & drying—After water damage occurs, our team will use multiple methods to dry out the affected area and dehumidify it to prevent additional damage and mold growth.

• Emergency response—Disasters are never convenient, but they often seem to happen at the worst possible time. When you need someone to help out in the middle of the night, on a weekend, or even just during regular business hours, call us.

A Quick Look at All of Our Restoration Services

• Mold remediation—We can carefully remove mold from your home, using specialized processes and technologies to prevent additional contamination.

• Water damage restoration—Our technicians are trained to not just extract the water from your property but to save as much of your affected property as possible.

• Storm damage restoration—If your property was impacted by a major weather event, count on us to clear away all the damaged materials and rebuild to return your home back to normal.

• Fire damage restoration—After firefighting efforts have concluded, we can come in and restore your property, dealing with any remaining water damage and smoke residue.

Steps to Take After a House Fire

Steps to Take After a House Fire

A house fire is an unexpected disaster that leaves you with a damaged home and worry for the future. Although it may take some time for life to feel normal again, taking certain steps following a house fire can help you move forward and repair the damage as quickly as possible.

• Find somewhere to stay—Even if the damage your house incurred during the fire is minimal, you probably cannot stay in your house for a little  while. Find somewhere to stay for the time being, whether this is with a family member or a friend.

• Talk to your insurance agent—In many cases, your home insurance policy can cover the cost of the damage. Call your insurance agent right away and let them know about the house fire. They can help you get the claims process moving.

• Take your pet to the vet—After the fire, take your furry friend to the veterinarian. During the fire, your pet’s lungs could have sustained damage due to the smoke.

• Obtain a copy of the fire report—Talk to the fire department and get a copy of the fire report for your house fire. You may need to submit this  to several parties in the days following the fire, so having the report on hand can save you time.

Emergency Restoration Xperts (ERX) can also help you recover from a house fire by managing the remediation process. We can also work directly with your insurance company as you file a claim for the damage. Contact us today for more information!