Month: June 2021

Your Questions About Fire Damage Restoration Answered

Your Questions About Fire Damage Restoration Answered

A fire leaves your home vulnerable to compounding damage, and you shaken by what just happened. We’ve answered some common questions about fire damage restoration below, so you feel more confident about how to handle the situation if you ever have a house fire.

When can I go back into my house after a fire?

Wait to go back inside until you get the go-ahead from your local fire department or another authorized professional. Unless the fire damage restoration process is complete, the risk of smoke inhalation probably still exists, and since fire and smoke weaken structures significantly, collapse can remain a possibility.

What is board-up service?

After a fire, your house could become an obvious target for theft because it is not completely secure, and you probably won’t live in it for a while. As part of the restoration process, board-up service involves boarding up your doors and windows to secure any damaged openings, protecting your home and its contents from looting and theft.

Can you get rid of the smell of smoke?

Yes! We start by removing all the soot from your carpets, furniture, walls, and other damaged contents. Then, our fire damage restoration team can deodorize your space to get rid of the smoke smell for good.

What is the fire damage restoration process like?

We provide comprehensive fire damage recovery services that also include rebuilding damaged parts of your home after the fire. Generally, our damage restoration process involves getting rid of the soot and smoke damage, performing needed structural repairs, and cleaning your affected belongings. If you have water damage because of firefighting efforts, we can help with that, too.