Month: January 2020

Water Tips When Hurricane Damage or Severe Storm Damage Has Contaminated the Water Supply

getting your home or business restored after hurricane damage

It is not uncommon for a hurricane to disrupt the public water supply and make it unsafe for consumption and even for other uses. While the human body can endure three weeks without food, in most cases, it cannot go more than three days without water. It is common to focus on getting your home or business restored after hurricane damage, but you should also take care to resolve your water supply while you wait for the area to become safe again. Here are a few ways you can keep yourself hydrated and cover personal hygiene needs for water.

•   Water Heater- If you have not run any hot water in your house since the water system became contaminated, the water in the water heater is still fresh, drinkable water. However, do not use it if your water heater tank is part of your home heating system, such as from a hot water boiler.

•   Ice in Freezer- If you have lost power, you may have ice cube trays with melted water in them. This is safe to use, as is a bag of ice that melted if it stayed in the bag it came in or was in another container. The ice that has melted in your ice maker container is also drinkable.

•   Toilet Tank- It may seem a bit unnerving, but the water in the toilet tank (not the bowl) is completely sanitary and drinkable, provided you do not put any toilet cleaner tablets in there and the water is clear.

•   Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs- As long as these have not been flooded by storm water, it is safe to use the water inside for bathing and personal hygiene. Do NOT drink it, though.

•   Canned Fruits and Vegetables– The liquid in canned goods is an acceptable way to get some hydration. Vegetables with no salt added are preferable.

•   Filtering Rainwater– If it is still raining after a hurricane, do what you can to collect the rainwater without letting it get contaminated. It is best to filter rainwater before consuming.

At Emergency Restoration Xperts (ERX), we offer hurricane damage restoration in the Carolinas. We are dedicated to being as supportive as we possibly can when a hurricane has affected our area. While we are not experts about safe water consumption, we can tell you that it is imperative to be knowledgeable about what to do after a hurricane to keep you, your family, and your property safe. Our emergency response team can take care of the immediate concerns, such as roof tarping and window boarding to secure your property and develop a plan for hurricane damage restoration as soon as it is safe to continue. Call today to learn more.