Month: December 2019

What Can Be Salvaged by a Contents Restoration Professional?

contents restoration services are just as important as structural rebuilding services

If you home or business has experienced damage from a disaster, you probably expect the contents to be a total loss. Between fire, smoke, and water, and potentially even mold, it can seem incomprehensible that anything could be salvaged. In fact, the vast majority of restoration companies practice disaster recovery with that premise and will charge you to remove and dispose of nearly everything. What you should know is that a professional with contents restoration training can salvage far more than you might realize.

•   Electronics- It is possible to clean modern electronics using advanced techniques and specialized equipment. Flat screen TVs, drones, smart phones, tablets, gaming systems, and both desktop and laptop computers can all be recovered using a safe and effective aqueous method. While you could replace many of these, you might not want to lose the data on them, so contents restoration can be invaluable.

•   Documents- Obviously, documents that have been reduced to ash are not salvageable, but those damaged by water, smoke, mold, or slightly singed by fire might be. Some documents are irreplaceable, and it can be heartbreaking to be told you have to dispose of them. These are the situations that are ideal for a contents restoration professional.

•   Clothing- While much clothing these days is fairly inexpensive, if you have some items that would be expensive or even impossible to replace, it makes sense to see if a contents restoration professional can do a bit of magic with it. Examples include special event attire, such as a prom or wedding dress, designer ensemble, collectible jersey, or your children’s christening outfits.

•   Fine Art- Few people have a Picasso or Rembrandt hanging in their home, but that doesn’t make your art investments any less important to you. Whether you have an exceptional piece or something precious to you because a loved one created it, it might surprise you how successful fine art restoration can be when handled by a professional.

At Emergency Restoration Xperts (ERX) in Charlotte, North Carolina, we understand how valuable your items are to you, and we believe contents restoration services are just as important as structural rebuilding services. We strive to minimize the pain of your loss and help you recover from a tragedy by saving as many of your cherished items and memories as possible. Whether your belongings are damaged by water, fire, smoke, or mold, our contents restoration specialists know how to diligently handle the process of restoring your items.